Gates To Hell
Firmano per Nuclear Blast
Pubblicato il 11/01/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il gruppo originario di Louisville ha siglato un accordo discografico con Nuclear Blast. 

Seth Lewis afferma: "I was a kid who loved metal from a very young age and I was constantly buying CDs of my favorite bands. Over time, I saw how many of those bands' CDs had the Nuclear Blast logo on the back. It's a very unreal feeling to be working with them now with Gates to Hell. Very excited for what the future holds."

Tommy Jones di Nuclear Blast aggiunge: "After a tip-off from my buddy Scott Lee, I first entered the Gates to Hell at the Milwaukee Metal Fest on May 28th, 2023. Straight from the rip seeing the band live, I was way into their style of Brutal Death Metal laced with hardcore energy. I could envision them being part of the new breed at Nuclear Blast. Fast forward after some hang sessions on the Jersey shore, and up at the New England Metal Fest, we officially sealed the deal in October on Friday the 13th. Fitting AF! I am stoked 'as hell' to welcome the Gates to the worldwide Nuclear Blast family! Let's gooo!!"

A questo link è disponibile il video di Resurrected:


Sul nuovo singolo Lewis precisa: "Our new track 'Resurrected' just dropped through Nuclear Blast. It's my favorite Gates to Hell song released to date. After touring and practicing as much as we have the last couple of years, we've all really meshed together so much better as musicians. Trying to stick to our roots of the death metal/hardcore sound our music has always had, but being more collaborative and creative with some elements."