Rite For Exorcism
Pubblicato il 16/03/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo singolo onliner per il gruppo di Ryan Waste, che dichiara:

"This record came together during dark times and its aggression is surely a reflection of that. Nick, Chris, and I hammered out song after song in a grimy, mold-ridden warehouse, turning our anger at the state of the world into what became 'Under the Crooked Claw'. To set the tone for the album, I called upon legendary Italian horror maestro Fabio Frizzi to compose an intro, just before BAT's raw force assaults your ears. While simultaneously working on a heavy metal horror script with Norman Cabrera, I shared some of the new BAT songs with him. With our shared taste in film and vision, we devised two video concepts for the upcoming record based on my lyrics. The first offering is our twist on a tale of an exorcism gone awry, that Norman completely nailed to the cross."