Pubblicato il 22/02/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per il gruppo progressive metalcore guidato da Monique Pym, che commenta:

"Terminal feels like the perfect re-introduction of Reliqa to the world. It's vibrant, high-shine and optimistic, yet with a moody, introspective cloud hanging over it that foreshadows all that's still to come. We're beyond thrilled to be back, especially now with the support of our new families at Nuclear Blast and Greyscale."

Jaap Wagemaker di Nuclear Blast aggiunge:

"We’re very excited to welcome RELIQA to our Nuclear Blast family. The band caught our attention after the release of their last EP, I Dont Know What I Am, with their signature sound that blends elements of alternative, prog, djent and metalcore. The diversity of their sound paired with Monique's stunning vocals means they appeal to a very wide audience. RELIQA are on a mission, and their first release for Nuclear Blast, the exhilarating new single ‘Terminal’, is a bold statement that sees them step up to being a truly global band! The future belongs to RELIQA, and working with Josh and Chris from their management team has been a great pleasure. We are looking forward to building this band up outside of Australia and beyond!"