Of Pillars and Trees
Pubblicato il 16/01/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per gli autori di Harbinger Of Woe, che dichiarano:

 "This song finds its inspiration in the historical practices that involved the utilization of trees for the purpose of torture and execution"," Jamie explains. "Among the myriad methods employed, a prominent example was the affixing of an individual to a pillar, or, more commonly, a tree trunk through the use of long iron nails. The creation process for 'Pillars' started out much like any other Brodequin track. It wasn't until the mid-section came together that it began to diverge. I wanted to slow things down a bit but add some depth with multiple guitar tracks instead of just droning a single riff. As the layers were being written, I kept hearing a synth pattern in my head. But instead of using an actual synth, I recreated what I was hearing on my guitar, using plenty of reverb and delay to get the tone as close to what I was imagining as possible".



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