Bury Tomorrow
Pubblicato il 18/01/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Gli inglesi presentano il loro nuovo videoclip con queste parole:

“We are excited to present our video for the song ‘Wrath’, from our latest album ‘The Seventh Sun’.

The video takes you on a journey with us across the last 2 and a half years of our lives, as we have moved into the chapter of our band we are most proud of, and taken it around the world.

The song itself is about losing someone close to you. Life is finite, and the connections we make are fragile so it’s important we use our time on earth wisely. Please look after yourself, and others"



Bury Tomorrow
From UK

Portraits (2009)
The Union of Crowns (2012)
Runes (2014)
Earthbound (2016)
Black Flame (2018)
Cannibal (2020)
The Seventh Sun (2023)