To Wilt Beneath The Weight
Pubblicato il 31/01/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Disponibile online il nuovo video degli autori di The Weight Of The Mask:


 Serena Cherry commenta:

"We filmed this live video at The O2 Forum in London, which is the very same place that I saw one of my first ever metal shows! (It was Mudvayne!) The feeling of walking out onto that stage where I have seen so many inspiring metal musicians play was surreal. Truly one of those 'pinch me' moments. To have this wonderful memory of performing at Beyond the Redshift is very special to me, it was one of those awesome festivals where you get to watch and meet so many fantastic artists. To Wilt Beneath The Weight is about the pressures and sacrifices you make as a touring musician. The lyrics explore the strain it can put on relationships and the challenging times that come with being away so often. This song features my favourite Svalbard lyric, which is "grit your teeth when they've just been broken." Which represents the determination against all odds to keep persevering with your passions. It also features the lyric I find the most painful, which is: "completely at the mercy of every form of insincerity." Every time I scream that line on stage I choke up because it feels so raw and real."

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