Peak of Jin’Arrah
Pubblicato il 28/02/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Disponibile in pre-order il debutto degli svedesi Guenna, che dichiarano:

The completion of this album has been a much bigger project than we had initially prepared for and it has been clear that we have not done anything of this magnitude before.  But FINALLY after many months of work, we now have a record that we are incredibly proud to be able to share.Though each member in the band has their own way of writing music and concepts for songs, we all have a shared affinity for adventure, sci-fi and the mythical unknown. That is something that heavily influences our creative process from beginning to end. Several songs has started as a concept before a single note has even been written. Ideas and musical motifs are usually written individually, presented infront of the band and then, as a group, we build, write, and arrange concepts, themes, and storys together."

FFO: Tool, Opeth, Skraeckoedlan, Porcupine Tree, Mastodon, Baroness. 

Freight Train