The 69 Eyes
Fade To Grey
Pubblicato il 22/03/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

I finlandesi hanno collaborato con Diane Warren per il nuovo singolo Fade To Grey:


Fade To Grey sarà la bonus track della nuova edizione in vinile di Death Of Darkness, che uscirà a fine aprile su Reigning Phoenix Music:


Jyrki 69 commenta:

"The magic of Diane Warren songs, which is often told, is that her songs speak to their performers in a way as if she knew what's going in their live. So does 'Fade To Grey': It sounded like straightly taken from my own personal life when I heard its demo version for the first time!"

Diane Warren aggiunge:

"The year before last I walked into a store and saw someone so cool who just epitomized rock 'n' roll. That was Jyrki, the amazing singer from THE 69 EYES. Now here we are with my song with them, 'Fade To Grey' about to be released. I am very excited for everyone to hear it!"

Jyrki 69 conclude: 

"This was exactly like one of those Hollywood dreams: I was hanging on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills when a lady asked me who I was out of the blue. I got confused and that's about it. Later on, I realised that the lady was Diane Warren, the ultimately greatest songwriter on earth and writer of my favourite THE CULT song, 'Painted On My Heart.' That was my opportunity to start a musical collaboration with her but I missed my once-in-a-lifetime chance! A year passed by and her hits were following me everywhere. Then I was watching the presentation of the Oscars and she was performing there! I encouraged myself getting in touch with her and here's the result: an epic power ballad called 'Fade To Grey' which this world and THE 69 EYES needed!"

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