Run On
Pubblicato il 16/05/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per i giapponesi:


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"Humanity's desire for evolution will never stop, even if the desire to make society more convenient and prosperous is good. The world is becoming worse and worse because it's built on people who desperately want to make more money through business and concessions, and want to gain an upper hand. More humanly, simply put, there's nothing truly more important than respecting, helping and loving each other. Instead of focusing on a competitive society where people compare themselves to others, I think it's ok for everyone to stay true to themselves and live their own lives because everyone is born with a unique personality. One day, when our souls leave our bodies and go to heaven, what we will take with us is not money, cars, houses or possessions but rather, what we could give to others and pride in how we could live our lives. Just last week, we lost one of our dearest friends, Steve Albini, with whom we had the pleasure of making albums with for 22 years. We don't even know anything about tomorrow. We realised again how important it is to continue pursuing our dreams in our own way every day, without being distracted by those around us."



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