Ci lascia Jon Wysocki
Pubblicato il 19/05/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

L'ex-batterista di Staind e Soil Jon Wysocki è scomparso all'età di 53 anni.

Queste le parole di Lydia Castle poco prima e dopo la morte:

"Jon is currently in the ICU. He has been having issues with his liver that requires him to be under the attention of medical professionals to ensure that he is treated properly. While he has been struggling, there are signs that he is recovering slowly. Out of respect for Jon, Shannon, and his family, we ask that you do not bombard anyone close to this situation with tons of questions or attempt to come visit him while he is in the ICU to ensure that his family has the time they need and deserve to be with him and to prevent the waiting room from being flooded with friends that, understandably, want to see him. When it comes to a point where it is appropriate for him to have more visitors, then we will certainly let everyone know. But at this time, we ask that everyone respects the privacy of Jon and to give him time to get through this.”

“On 5/18/2024 at 8:02pm, Jon passed away surrounded by family and friends that loved him dearly. An official statement will be developed shortly.”

From USA

1996 Tormented
1999 Dysfunction
2001 Break The Cycle
2003 14 Shades Of Grey
2005 Chapter V
2008 The Illusion Of Progress
2011 Staind
2023 Confessions Of The Fallen