Gotta Go Home
Pubblicato il 09/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

I finlandesi hanno diffuso in rete una cover di Boney M:


Jonne Järvelä afferma:

"When I was a kid there weren't so many good albums in my parents' vinyl collection. But I found something I really liked: it was "Roadrunner" by Hurriganes, which I was listening to almost every day since I was still in diapers. CCR and Boney M. were also on my very limited playlist at the time. 'Gotta Go Home' was somehow funny. Much more fun than 'The Rivers Of Babylon', which I also liked. Then our drummer Samuli came up with it and was very excited about the idea to cover it. I have the same moves in our video which I practised hundreds of times in my childhood days with my tennis racket in front of the mirror."


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