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Nuovo singolo online per i finlandesi:


Olli Vänskä commenta:

"'Aita' was actually composed as an instrumental track, or that was at least the intention. I sent a demo version to Jonne and when I was asking about it a week later, he told me "hell no!" and gave me the lyrics he wrote. And good lyrics, too! I'm very satisfied about the violin riff and how the folk interlude turned out as well. Lots of interesting stuff happening there!"

Jonne Järvelä aggiunge:
"I got a very cool demo song from Olli to which I riffed with a guitar. Then a theme started to form in my head that I transformed into a song which was easy to write words to. 
In the lyrics, the main person meets an old familiar village man who has been on the road as journey man for a long time and returns to his home village. The man asks his friend all sorts of questions about what he has seen around the world, but the journey man only answers vaguely, but with wise lessons."




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