Being As An Ocean
Flesh And Bone
Pubblicato il 18/11/2023 da Lorenzo Becciani

I Being As An Ocean presentano così il nuovo visualizer video:

“‘Flesh & Bone‘ seeks to describe the splitting of the soul that happens when one gives themselves to their passions, dreams, and obsessions. It is about the feeling of longing for home while being away, while also acknowledging that too much time spent in comfort is time taken away from the unknown, discovery, and adventure. The song is about missing loved ones from the road: the isolation that can be felt when you are away from your support network, especially when you are emotionally low. When the road has become a part of who you are or has shaped you in significant ways, no matter how much you hold those you love dear or how precious the time spent at home, the road still pulls at you and your spirit still hears its call.”


Being As An Ocean
From USA

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