Pubblicato il 12/01/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuovo video online per gli autori di The Catalyst:


Olof Mörck afferma:
"It is time for the fourth single from The Catalyst, 'Re-Vision', and this time we went all in. Ponderous cyberpunk and synthwave rhythms clash with AMARANTHE's signature sound in an equally thrilling and memorable blend, sure to act as a permanent cybernetic implant into your brain. The prodigious video, once again actualised by long-time collaborator Patric Ullaeus, serves as the perfect counterpoint to 'Re-Vision', more ambitious and explosive than any AMARANTHE video to date! As predictions from the 80's Artificial Intelligence seem to become truer every day, we are ready to serve you a cataclysmic yet captivating foresight into the future of AMARANTHE: Re-Visioned. We've done these things before, but we've never been as theatrical as we have this time," Mörck grins. "In fact, we all questioned whether we went too far this time, but I also figured that this band was always this way. Literally the first seconds of our first video was a big explosion! But yes, The Catalyst is more theatrical than ever. We've never really been symphonic or orchestral before, but this time we just thought why not? Because we can! The key to this album is that we let go of the boundaries and decided to do something even more adventurous."


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