Gen And The Degenerates
Pubblicato il 23/02/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Lyric video online per gli autori di Anti-Fun Propaganda:


“We’re so excited that our weird little album is going out into the universe, and I am very proud of what we created together” - afferma Genevieve Glynn-Reeves - “It's the perfect introduction to who we are as a band, and we can't wait for everyone to get acquainted with our specific variety of strangeness. I was inspired by this woman on TikTok who made a kind of mocking video of people who say ‘don’t you hate it when girls…’ She kind of doubled down and said, ‘No, I love it when girls do that.’ So, I made a video asking what strange complaints women had received from male partners and then turned them into a list of things I loved for the verses. Uninvited got involved after I tweeted ‘, I love it when girls’, and they replied, ‘Same.’ I sent them the demo, and they loved it, so I asked them to be on it. It is a product of internet culture".

Gen And The Degenerates
From UK

Anti-Fun Propaganda - 2024