Kati Rán
KÓLGA | 16
Pubblicato il 05/04/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Nuova traccia online per l'artista dark folk olandese, che tornerà nei negozi a maggio con SÁLA:



Kati Rán elabora: ”'KÓLGA | 16' is one of the coldest waves of the nine billowmaidens of Rán, one that can take your breathe away in a overpowering chokehold of ice water. What we deem the most 'destructive of powerful forces of nature' are aswell a necessary and powerful catalyst for change, or gain newfound clarity. 'KÓLGA | 16' aswell touches upon many female figures that in one way or the other made significant sacrifices in their lives, have been sacrificed, betrayed, persecuted or deliberately put in another light in history, in mythology and various folktales across time and culture."