Alberta Cross
Lucy Rider
Pubblicato il 28/05/2024 da Lorenzo Becciani

Il nuovo singolo degli Alberta Cross vede la collaborazione con Katie Melua:


Petter Stakee commenta: “I met Katie in my early 20s. She was one of the first champions of the band even before we got a record deal. It felt full circle to meet again after my years away living in New York City and to write together. We ended up doing some songs for her last two records. We’ve always had a creative connection so it was important to me to have her involved with this project. ‘Lucy Rider’ is a song I wrote about a beautiful girl I used to know in East London. She had so much going for her but she kept getting more and more involved with bad company and all that goes with that. It felt very dark to see at the time. It’s about how she kept pushing away all the positives she had going for her and replaced it with the bad things. Katie’s stunning voice felt perfect for this one”

Katie Melua aggiunge: “I met Petter and Terry from Alberta cross in the early 2000’s and have been a fan of the band for so long, I definitely played the Thief and the Heartbreaker to death during my 20s! So when Petter asked me to guest on the new version of 'Lucy Rider', it was a big yes”.

Alberta Cross
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